Dartmoor is a place that attracts lovers of nature and wildlife from around the world and for this reason we know that the people who choose to stay here share our enthusiasm for sustainability and passion for preserving our natural world for the future. We hope that your stay is made all the better knowing that you are contributing to a business that cares for the environment and that buys local products, supporting the local economy, and provides jobs for local people.

Committed to reducing our impact on the environment, we have made strides in recent years to make Lydford House more sustainable, we work hard to reduce our use of plastic and have moved to biodegradable cleaning products. Below we have listed more of what we do to reduce our impact on the environment and support local business’s.

    • All our mattresses are sumptuous handmade, natural Dartmoor wool filled mattresses.
    • We serve honey comb on our breakfast buffet which is from a number of our own bee hives kept on site.
    • We have transformed land formerly used for grazing horses into a wildlife meadow, growing species that support pollinating insects, whilst also creating another beautiful space for our guests to enjoy.
    • We do not use plastic bin liners, all waste from the rooms is placed straight into larger bins eliminating the need to line every bin every day.
    •  We line kitchen bins with compostable liners.
    • We’ve provided you with a separate recycling bin in your room, so you can do your part too.
    •  All our linen is natural cotton so when washed it does not produce micro-plastics.
    • All our pillows a made from natural wool.
    • We do not provide milk portions in plastic packaging-we use glass bottles to serve fresh milk.
    • Our milk is delivered in glass bottles, which are returned to the dairy for reuse. Our milk is organic and is ethically produced 14.6 miles away.
    • We use reusable sealed containers in our kitchen to eliminate the use of non-recyclable cling film.
    • We only buy from suppliers of fruit or vegetables who will deliver items loose in card boxes or paper packaging.
    • Our local butcher uses our own reusable tubs to package our meats. These are washed here and re-used.
    • We sort all our waste and recycle everything we possibly can, and we are always looking for ways to reduce waste to landfill.
    • We compost waste food.
    • We recycle our used cooking oil locally and this is turned into bio diesel.
    • Our Solar panels produce some electricity on site for the building and any surplus is fed back into the national grid.
    • We have our own be hives.
    • We have our own herb garden.
    • We use Little Greene Paints -which are environmentally friendly.
    • LED tube lighting in the kitchen
    • GU10 LED lighting in bedrooms & bathrooms where possible to replace GU10 Halogens, saving roughly £10.00 per bulb per annum

Our Partners

Where possible we work with local business’s, we select responsible suppliers based on their company ethics, locality and eco credentials.

Rerum Natura

Our shampoo, and body wash and hand wash is supplied by Rerum Natura.

All cosmetics in the Rerum Natura range have obtained the organic certification COSMOS.

This certification process has been undertaken by GFL in order to offer a final product capable of marking a new frontier of superior standard and innovation. A Cosmos certified organic formula is guaranteed by one of the most respected certification bodies worldwide.

Our Shampoo, hand wash and body wash is clinically tested, nickel tested, has no edta, no sls-sles, no silicones, no synthetic fragrance and no colourants.

THE GREENER CAP- MADE OF BIO-BASED PLASTICS CAP DERIVED FROM RENEWABLE SUGAR CANE SOURCES WITH FSC WOOD INCLUSION.Derived from the renewable source of sugar cane = less C02 emission* *compared to fossil-based plastic (PE), LCA data for material life cycle.

To obtain the Cosmos Organic Certification you need to meet these key requirements:

At least 95% of the physically processed agro-ingredients must be organic (PPAI) + agro-ingredients chemically modifies (CPAI)

Taw River Dairy – The milk we use at Lydford House is produce 14.6 miles away at Taw River Dairy. Producing Organic Milk Products, like us they are passionate about sustainability and ethical farming. Taw River use natural farming methods so the cows are only milked once a day, they take only half of the milk to make sure the calves do not go hungry. The raw milk is then processed onsite.

The Dartmoor Bed Company

The Dartmoor Bed Company are producers of handmade wool mattresses.

These are all produced in Okehampton, and are not treated with any chemicals in the processing as they are naturally fire retardant. The wool is sourced locally and ethically from farms on Dartmoor.

Baavet – Our pillows are made by Baavet in Wales they consist of a beaded wool filling and a cotton outer bag. Wool is a great material for anyone who has allergies or is sensitive to feather pillows. The natural material is breathable and helps to regulate the body tempurate while you sleep as well as being an enviromentally friendly product and wonderfully cosy!


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